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Nothing dates a room quite like a popcorn ceiling. Scraping the popcorn off the ceiling is a reasonably easy DIY project. The problems are it’s messy and you still have to deal with smoothing out any imperfections before you can paint. You also have to be extra cautious if the ceilings were popcorned before 1979 because of the risk of asbestos. movement, take paint well, and even level a wavy ceiling By Joseph Lanza wall by 6 ft. and replaced it with a 16-in. LVL beam supported by two 31⁄ 2-in.-sq. columns. The beam bisected the ceiling into long, nar-row areas disproportionate to one another. I needed to divide the ceiling into sections that made sense visually while incorporating the Slanted ceilings are often difficult to work with, and most of us are flummoxed on how to decorate a 1. A Sense of Drama and Excitement. One of the first things you need to do to decorate a room Slanted ceilings vary from small attic rooms that are short on space to amazing vaulted ceilings...